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Bespoke jewelry starts with a consultation with me, Christine Heidel. I am the owner and maker behind the jewelry line Silver + Salt. During the consultation, we will talk about your ideas for your piece of jewelry, look at our current designs as a starting point and talk about the gemstones and other materials you want to incorporate into your design.


At this stage, we will also discuss your budget and talk about how different decisions can impact the total cost of your project.


If you decide to move forward, we will begin design on your project. Design might consist of some quick sketches or a full CAD rendering. This is also when we would source any gemstones required for your jewelry.


Once we have your design set and materials in hand, we will move ahead with making your jewelry.

For some pieces, this means we will fabricate your jewelry by hand in our Pike Place Market studio. For other pieces, we may have a wax model printed and cast with one of our Seattle-based manufacturing partners. We will always be up front with you about how your individual piece of jewelry is going to be made. And, no matter which fabrication method we use, your jewelry will be made using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.


The timeline for a bespoke piece of jewelry depends on the individual piece and our current workload. Ideally, allow about 4-6 weeks for your design to come to life, although some projects can be completed in a few as 2 weeks.


Custom jewelry projects can range dramatically in price depending on the design and materials used. We believe that bespoke jewelry can be accessible within a wide budget range. We do our best to help you design a project that fits within your budget and realizes your vision.


If you aren't local to Seattle, that's okay! We have experience working with customers remotely and are happy to chat with you via email, phone or video call.